Logotype de la société IFS-Concept arômes, références dans la conception et la fabrication d'arômes tel que le safran depuis 1996

A story born from saffron

1996: creation of IFS by Christophe Gaudy, a food engineer with passion for the most precious spice in the world: saffron

His goal was to supply to the food industry a top quality product to futfill their idustrial requirements (flavour profile, coloring strenght, humidity, granulometry)

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thanks to process raw material know-how, IFS became within a few years a leading producer on the saffron market (up to 4T/year).

Solid relationships established with some long therm partners allow IFS to warrenty his clients a regular and top quality.

2003: Purchase of Concept'ârome (a flavours company specialized in sea food notes) by IFS gave us new synergies for development.

• Present on market since 1996
• 1300 m2 (1400 FT2) production area
• 2 laboratories: quality and R&D
• 4000 raw material references
• 3000 references
• 6% turnover invested in plant equipment
• 12% turnover from export

IFS Concept'arôme: a team of experts (2 engineers, 1 flavourist) to help you developing taste and colour solutions for savoury and sweet applications, wathever your industrial and economical constrains.